Karma Yoga Project: Puerto Rico Rebuild and Relief

Purpose: Our mission is simple- to DIRECTLY aid in the relief and recovery efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Our vision: Puerto Rico is a gift, a beauty, a rare gem and it has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Since the hurricane, our people have been without water, electricity, or ACCESS to basic goods. The distribution of resources within Puerto Rico continues to be a major concern, with the majority of families not receiving the aid they so desperately need.

We want to help. We are here to serve. The Karma Yoga Project is all about DIRECTLY helping those in need. This is what our Yoga Practice is about, it has prepared us for this moment, and it will continue to support us in this mission. We are a community and we support each other.

Our mission is to strengthen, stabilize, and help rebuild Puerto Rico one family at a time. We are creating a team of individuals who are willing and inspired to DO THE WORK and are called to SERVE. On a basic level, we are collecting donations of food, medical supplies, building tools, money, ANYTHING. We will deliver these resources DIRECTLY to families in Puerto Rico on October 30.

Once in Puerto Rico, our team will offer home repair services and distribute the goods to those in need. EVERYDAY we will go to local homes and clean, build, and restore. We are mobilizing our community in order to revitalize and transform the suffering our tribe is living right now.

·      Donate
o   Money- Our goal is to raise $15,000- this money will go directly to fund the rebuilding of homes in PR
o   Food, Water Filtration Systems, Medical Supplies, Building Supplies

·      Sponsor
o   You can sponsor one of our Karma Yogis by donating to pay for excess luggage and flights

·      Act
o   If you feel called to DIRECTLY aid those in need, we are looking for contractors, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, KARMA YOGIS, anyone willing to do the work of rebuilding our island and learning on the spot

Thank you so much!

We will keep you updated with information and progress of our efforts throughout the course of this project. We are 100% transparent in this project. We love you. We thank you. We are one.